Play and win! Play and win!

a whole box of Havlík sticks!

Record a video and win!

Record, how you eat 3 Havlík sticks within a minute and receive a whole bunch of sticks from us!

Can you eat 3 Havlík sticks within a minute?
Play with us and show off!


eat 3 Havlík sticks
in 1 minute


30 packages of
Havlík sticks

Play fair! and respect rules of the game

  • You must not wash down!
  • Before you start, your mouth must be empty.
  • You may not have the sticks in your mouth when starting consumption. But you may hold them in your hand.
  • At the end, remember to open your mouth to show that you have really swallowed the bite!
  • You must manage everything in 1 minute.
  • Natural persons may participate in the competition, animals are not allowed to participate.
  • A player may send in only one video to compete.

An expert jury will check the sent-in videos and if the videos meet all the necessary requirements, each author who sent a video in which somebody managed to eat 3 Havlík sticks in a minute will get a whole box of sticks.

detailed rules




Post your video to the web (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) and send us a link to the address:

In your email, give your contact data: name and surname, postal address (where we will send the sticks), email, phone for the delivery service to contact you.

If the above information is missing in the email, you will notbe included in the competition.

Winning videos

winning videos

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