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Why are some sticks very well baked and others are light?


It is kind of strange  today and all the industrial manufacturers rack their brains over how we do that. The reason is  very simple. Our consumers are divided into two groups that have been profiled in terms of taste over the years. Those who like the light sticks and then those who absolutely love and request the well-baked ones. This is why we use partly transparent  packaging so that our customers may find just their own favourite Havlík sticks.

V in the past, you did not use the ""E"" food additives, and now you have been using them for more than a year. Why?

The legislation is getting more and more strict and today and the manufacturers have to indicate almost all the substances contained in  the food, even though their share is completely negligible. Therefore, we have always had our ""E"" food additives. They are contained in  the cream cheese that we add to the dough, and it definitely does not belong to the harmful ones. The share of the cream cheese  in the volume of our sticks is about 7 per cent,  This information should be sufficient for the consumers  not to wonder about the ""E"" food additives  in our products when thinking about their health.

How may I compete to win a box of sticks?

The main information for you is that we have had over 600 winners since 2014  so it really is not impossible to eat 3 sticks within a minute. For the rules  and procedures, visit. If you win, we will be happy to reward you with a box of sticks so that you  stay with us captured with the taste.

Will Havlík sticks with a new flavour be launched?

Although we are positively-conservative, we endeavour to launch a news on the market each year. The truth is that certain attempts of the  previous years to launch new products eventually go back to the deposit because the market did not accept them  at the particular moment to the extent that we could insert them to the ordinary manufacturing and distribution process. These stick kinds, such as for example KORNSPITZ and POPPY, are only manufactured to order for wholesalers. This year, we have launched a new stick on the market : the FARMER'S one. We believe that it might be successful at our customers because its   excellent taste of rendered lard is a beautiful comeback to the old bakery trade and you will not find a similar stick on the market.

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