Bear garlic

...gourmet combination of flavours

Bear garlic has been a hit in recent years. This already almost rare herb is especially delicious fresh. The most common kitchen adaptation is the classic pesto. Bear garlic contains many vitamins and is also a medicinal herb. It gives our sticks an unusually delicious garlic taste, which is not as pungent as that of classic garlic. If you make a classic cheese spread and add these dangerously delicious sticks to it, then you have the ideal gourmet combination of flavours. A great and quick snack for any spare moment.

Shape: wide bar
Color: light brown to golden brown
Crust: crisp, crunchy, sprinkled with a sprinkling of coarse salt
Smell: bakery, scent of bear garlic
Taste: pastry-like, characteristic taste of cheese and bear garlic


Nutritional values in 100 grams of the food   450 kcal, 1880 kJ
Fat Content 15,4 g
Saturated fatty acids 7,1 g
Carbohydrates 66,6 g
Sugar 5,9 g
Pro 10,7 g
Salt 3,38 g
Allergens gluten, milk


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