Salty cheese sticks - Original

…simply classic

Today, these sticks are an integral part of pubs, bars, coffee houses and wine bars in Moravia. Thanks to their unique taste that perfectly matches the taste of beer, they have become almost a cult and are a delicacy very much sought-after by consumers of all age categories.

Shape: wide stick
Color: light brown to golden brown
Crust: brittle, crispy, sprinkled unevenly with coarse-grained salt
Smell: bread-like, characteristic Aroma of cheese
Taste: bread-like, characteristic Aroma of cheese


Nutritional values in 100 grams of the food   431,3 kcal, 1806 kJ
Fat Content 16,5 g
Saturated fatty acids 8,07 g
Carbohydrates 60,6 g
Sugar 3,27 g
Pro 9,71 g
Salt 2,46 g
Allergens gluten, milk


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