With legendary ripened soft cheese

legends together...

Thanks to the unique combination of the classical original Havlík stick and the legendary ripened soft cheese of Olomouc, we have launched to the market a delicacy that will be appreciated especially by gourmets and fans of unusual tastes. To achieve full harmony of the taste, we recommend top-quality beer and wine, preferably from our domestic production. We believe that our ripened soft cheese sticks just start to write the next chapter of the story of the Havlík sticks’ brand.

Shape: wide stick
Color: golden brown
Crust: brittle, crispy, sprinkled unevenly with coarse-grained salt
Smell: bread-like, ripened soft cheese aroma
Taste: bread-like, characteristic taste of the ripened soft cheese of Olomouc
Nutritional values in 100 grams of the food   438 kcal, 1830 kJ
Fat Content 14,5 g
Saturated fatty acids 7,42 g
Carbohydrates 61,6 g
Sugar 2,2 g
Pro 14,6 g
Salt 4,42 g
Allergens gluten, milk
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a whole box of
Havlík sticks!

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