Salty cheese sticks - Kornspitz

…wholegrain with fiber

The characteristic features of the sticks Original, supplemented with the Kornspitz mix. By combining the traditional sticks and the Kornspitz mix, we obtained the new delicious sticks containing 6 per cent of fiber and featuring fine taste and spicy Aroma. They are perfect for cold kitchen, banquets and parties. The sticks are a favourite delicacy for healthy lifestyle followers.


Shape: broad stick
Color: dark brown to golden brown
Crust: brittle, crispy,  finely and unevenly sprinkled with coarse-grained salt
Smell: bread-like, characteristic Aroma of seasoning and grain
Taste: bread-like, characteristic taste of cheese, seasoning
Nutritional values in 100 grams of the food   372,5 kcal, 1560 kJ
Fat content 12,4 g
Saturated fatty acids 5,76 g
Carbohydrates 53,3 g
Sugar 5,29 g
Fiber 8,81 g
Protein 11,4 g
Salt 4,66 g
Allergens glutenllk, soya
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